March 23, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Buchard

Being quarantined is for the birds!

Hey Yall!
All I gotta say is what a week it has been. So dang LONG....painfully LONG!! But I hope every one is doing good and is staying healthy!

This week has been hectic! Fortunately it started off good on Monday night. We were able to meet a part- member family and share a message with them. They lived out in the sticks and definitely fit the Appalachia criteria. Super nice though!
Tuesday wasn't as good...we were asked at that point to stay inside and were put on quarantine. So the rest of the week we have not been able to do much. The members have brought us games and we continue to try and work through Facebook. We found out who my new companion is, but I guess he isn't very new to me at all! Its Elder Burchard. I served with him last summer in Bedford and we had a blast! Definitely a good one to be stuck inside with. With all the gathering restrictions, transfers were quite interesting! They have been moving people out little by little, plus alot of people in our mission went home. We lost 66 missionary's within a matter of days. Some of my best mission buds went home! With all of that, it created alot of crazy situations with companionships. I have been in 3 trios this week which was a blast! I am still currently in one with Elder Burchard and Sainsbury. One of my favorite parts of the week was when we were able to do the sacrament at our neighbors. We were not able to partake of the Sacrament last week so it was a real refresher and very much needed. The message shared afterwards was super spiritual. We watched a clip called "I hope ya know, we had a hard time." I got the link from a member and I will drop it here so that y'all can go watch it. Through trying times God will always be there and will lift our burdens. I love you all and hope you have a good week and please watch the video!
Much love to you all!
Love Elder Brian


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