March 16, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Noble

Virus causes a ghost town!!

Howdy howdy everyone!
Another week done here in Virginia! It was sure a different one, but it was still good.

Beginning of the week was cool. We had interviews with President Newman. He is awesome! We talked alot about the area and what we could do to get it going. Like I have said. before, it is always a joy to be able to sit and talk with your mission president 1 on 1 for a few minutes. We had exchanges with the Christiansburg Elders. Elder Lamborn came with me to Blacksburg for the day and we had a blast! Lamborn is cool. He goes home next transfer and is part of the army so I learned a bunch about that.

Sometime this week, not sure when, we had dinner at an older couple’s house. They are super nice and have sweet spirits, but their food is never the best. So we headed there to eat and what they served was cold egg salad on bread. Now as many of you know I was quite the picky eater back home, but since coming out here on my mission I have learned to eat! Yet, this one was hard to conquer. It took all of me and some help from God to finish just one sandwich. Funny thing was just the day before someone asked us what the worst thing we have eaten on our mission, but I couldn't come up with an answer. This experience reminded of a camp out I went on. On one of the mornings we made breakfast burritos, which at the time I was not a big fan of either! I remember taking in half of my burrito then taking multiple trips to "use the bathroom" just so I could puke it all out. I guess something's never change.

Sorry that was random…. Anyways! It's been super slow here work wise. Everyone is quarantined since the Corona virus hit Virginia Tech has now asked all the students to stay home. Apparently, they converted all of their classes to online, so this place has been a ghost town. I am sure it's the same back In Utah, but there is NO tp to be found! People are whack! Church was canceled and so that was super weird... felt like a Saturday! All of the members are either isolating themselves or coming home from break. But good news is that the members of this ward are awesome and take such good care of us.
We walked around meeting some new families in our ward and offering a Sunday message. We talked with one less active for a bit and got to know him. Super cool guy. His wife later dropped us off lasagna so we must of made a good impression! On the way home we ran into a member and her friend! We later got a text from the member and apparently she got the friend to listen to some GC talks. She asked us about some others she should listen too so both Elder Noble and I prayed and picked a few! Cross your fingers.

Also, we had transfer calls and I will be staying here in Blacksburg! My comp on the other hand will be leaving, so that's pretty weird! He was only here for transfer!

My Spiritual Thought will be more of an invitation! President Nelson has come out with a new video all about Hope in these trying times! Few minutes long and is AMAZING! If you have not had the opportunity to watch I strongly encourage that you do so. Rumor has it that it's to top trending video on YouTube so you should be able to find it pretty easily!

Stay safe and healthy!
Love Elder Brian


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