March 9, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Noble

You should appreciate your car!!

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone had a good week! Ours was pretty darn good! We walked a lot of miles and met quite a few new people. Tuesday was a good day. We went tracting and we ran into a family from Egypt. The only one who could speak English was their little daughter. It was quite a challenge to teach the Book of Mormon, but they took one anyways. The highlight of the day was we were able to go and do an MTC like thing with the young men! We went over to the Brother Benches and planned it all out. That was a lot of fun! They are a pretty wild group but I think they enjoyed it as well. We balled up and I didn't do as hot! Can't win em all, I guess.

Wednesday was awesome! We got a car for the day because our mission was doing a car fast! It was soooo nice! Don’t ever take your car for granted folks!! We did bishop's store house that morning and went to lunch with the Martin's. They are great! We drove to the far side of our area and met some people over there. One guy in particular named Alfred! He once lived in Cowen, West Virginia, my second area! We talked a lot about that and made some cool connections. His wife recently passed so he was going through a hard time!

The rest of the week was super good! Elder Noble cut his thumb Thursday night… so me and a couple of members were at the ER until 12 getting some stiches. He is fine though! Saturday was an interesting day! We went tracting out in this rich neighborhood for a few hours. Unfortunately the J- dubs( Jehovah's Witnesses) beat us too it. We did get to meet the hall of fame Football coach at Virginia Tech. So that was dope.

Sunday was cool. Church was pretty good. I hard time hearing the speakers. I guess I need some hearing aids or something! We had dinner at the Stake presidents house and then went and tracted. We were able to meet some new people. We taught one lady name Fanny about the Book of Mormon and how God speaks to all of his children. I wanted to tie my spiritual thought into that….God loves all of us! And a way we can know this for ourselves is by reading the whole chapter of Matthew 27. It talks about the atonement and all the suffering Christ went through for us.
Have a great week!
Much Love,
Elder Brian


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