February 17, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Noble

Barber in Training

Howdy howdy!
Hope everyone back home is doing fine and that you all had a good week. Things are good here In Virginia. Very rainy and soggy…but good!
So Tuesday was a pretty good day! We had dinner with the Stake president the night before and he encouraged us to share with our ward Elder Renlunds missionary menu he taught us about 10 months ago. So we went at it and started to put it together. We printed it off and got it ready to share at dinner appointments. Then of course Tuesday was ball night. It was nice not having to guard or worry about Elder Martin balling us all up.
I finally got a haircut....and it was the awful. I sat in a chair for an hour and a half. The pictures down below say it all. The guy who cut my hair had one of those signs that said...”Barber in Training”. Of course, I didn't notice it until he started clipping. All is well though.
Thursday was a super fun day! Our neighbors took us out to a nice Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Right after that, we got in service clothes and went to another members. Her name is Sister Hirsh and we helped her lay brick and trim trees in her neighbor’s yard. It was fun to change it up a bit with the work, but I still kinda have PTSD from having to work in my Mom’s yard and greenhouse. Yikes!
The weekend was pretty easy going. With it being Valentine’s day on Friday no one wanted to meet with us or talk to us, so we stayed inside for the night! Saturday was easy going as well. Ate dinner with a family who has some less active kids so that was good. Sunday was good as well. Really enjoyed this week's Sunday school lesson.
I wanted to share this scripture for my spiritual thought. I love it because it shows Gods love for us and how he will always be there to lift our burdens. Christ suffered and took on all those burdens so that he could help us through it all. The Atonement is such an amazing gift!
2 Nephi 20:27 and it shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Have a great week! Thank you for all of the nice Valentine’s and messages that you sent! I appreciate your support and love!

Elder H. Brian


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