February 11, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Noble

Heaven in my Carhartt chore clothes!!

Hey guys!
What's up? I hope all is well back home. This has been an interesting week for sure.

Some things that went down this week...

- The week started off by us going to the hospital Tuesday morning. My former companion had some problems with his heel and foot, so went to get it checked out. Our last 3 days consisted of us going to the hospital each day. He is fine, but MANNNN…the buses are a pain in that area. We missed it twice. Fortunately for us, we didn't have to sit out in the rain all day. It has been raining so hard back here.
- Elders Quorum ball was a blast. It was Elder Martin's last game plus we got transfer information. It's my favorite part of the week for sure. I was on my game that night too. My name was Mid-range Menace for the least that's what I called myself haha!!.
- My new comp Elder Noble is really cool. He is from Layton, Utah and came out with Elder Martin. Noble actually replaced me in Bedford and so Blacksburg is his second area. I love that because we have alot to talk about and I got to hear about all the members and people I taught from there. Should be a good time. I'm just like my dad when it comes to names and nicknames. So I got the whole district to call Elder Noble Barnes....pretty cheesy, haha…but it fits him!!.
- The weekend was pretty good. LOTS of planning and showing Noble around the area. We had district meeting, which was pretty weird. Alot different from our last district but it should be good. We also spent the weekend trying to stay dry. Our first morning together we woke up to a wet spot around my Comps bed. It was SOOOOO funny because he thought he wet the bed at first, found out later it flooded through our window. Good times….always Good times!

Well everyone have a good week
Sure love ya!
Elder H. Brian

P.s...I almost forgot! On Friday night we went over to a family called the Whittiers. They are an older couple who does foster parenting. Well I made some connections with Brother Whittier because we were both sheep guys. After dinner we got to help him feed some of his cattle which led to us getting decked out in some good ol Carhartt clothing, oh ya baby!! Who would have thought I would miss my old chore clothes?? Funny thing...It was my comps first time wearing anything like that or doing any kind of chore like that! I laughed!! I laughed hard!! Right after we fed, we got to ball up with his new foster son on an iced over court. Was good stuff!


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