February 3, 2020


Lexington, VA


Elder Martin

Desire, Seek and Invite!!

Howdy yall!!
Hope all is going well!

Sorry I haven't sent an email in a week or two! P-days get intense and busy. Things are going good here in the Burgggg. The ward is still great, and the comp is great too. Unfortunately, transfers are this week and I will be getting a new comp. Elder Martin has been a fantastic comp. I will miss him. God bless all those missionaries from small towns…they are the best!

- Last week was super fun. I went on an exchange with my MTC companion Elder Neilsen! The whole day was a blast. It was really good to catch up and work with him. Funny thing that happened...their neighbor got an insta pot and didn't know how to work it. So me, being a pressure cooker professional now, stepped in and tried to help. Needless to say, the machine works great when you know how to use it! The neighbor was impressed!

- The past two District Councils have been awesome. We had a cool lesson on the difference between Aaron and Ammon. It was some really cool insight. Super good district but unfortunately most of them are getting moved this transfer.

- We are starting to work with the young men more. We joined them in 2nd hour and sat in on their lesson. Woah! Really loud and rowdy bunch, but it was a great lesson. Met back up with them on Tuesday and played some wall ball with them. My comp let them have it. Poor little deacons didn't know what had hit them! Right after we played ball with the Elders quorum. It was super fun. Had a couple of new guys that we were able to talk to and tell them what we do. In this area we focus a lot on reactivating and member referrals.

- I sent a funny picture with my email you all need to see.
We get to go to member’s homes alot, and its super funny with the kids. We are either adored by the kids or they despise us.😂This is a little girl who just glared us down the whole time during dinner. It was hilarious, but kind of creepy too!! She lightened up after we showed a video but jeeeez😂😂It took all of me not to ask her if she had had a nap that day! Because she needed one haha! She was alot different from another little girl, who every time she sees us she will scream and start rolling around and want us to hold her. They are both like 2 years old haha!

My spiritual thought for the week is focused more on my personal study! I am in the Isaiah chapters which we all know can be rough, but occasionally you pull a few gems from it. It talks a lot about the Gathering of Israel, which you know is a big part of missionary work. It's just cool to be part of the fulfillment of these scriptures and to help gather Israel. The cool part is that it's not only a 2-year thing, but that We can all be part of it. Desire, Seek, and Invite! Simple as that!
Have a great week!
Much Love to you all

Elder Hunts Brian


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