January 21, 2020


Lexington, VA


Elder Martin

Hittin' 3rd base of the Mission!

Howdy ya’ll!!
Hope all is going well!

This week was pretty good! I feel good about stuff and things that are starting to happen. This ward is awesome and treat us so well. They are all very missionary minded too! We had a whole ward council on it Sunday morning! Good stuff.

Some of the stuff this week...

- Had zone conference this week. It is always a good refresher and so great to see old friends and companions. We talked alot about faith and being intentional in all that we do! Was cool!
- Kind of weird but we had dinner at some super cool members house. She is from Price so we made a lot of cool connections. She is this fitness lady I guess, and since I start 6 months to sexy (that is the 6 month mark where missionary’s get looking good to go home!!) this week she is helping with my diet and stuff. Wish me luck haha!
- We won in Elders quorum ball! That is always super fun. They always bring non- member friends so hopefully that will lead somewhere! We also found a Less active lady who has a non- member Grandson. He said he would come ball with our young men next week so pray that goes well.

- Saturday was my click day! 18 months Baby!! At 3rd base looking home! It is pretty scary how fast it is going though. Time needs to slow down a tad bit but I hear it just gets faster. Tried to burn my pants while still wearing them to be cool. Ended up burning my hand a little bit trying to take the belt off. God watches over and protects his missionaries...but not when they are being stupid I guess!

I loved this new Come Follow Me. The Sunday school lesson was Bomb! One of my favorite insights I heard was this.
" The Iron Rod is not somewhere out in the field, it is right by the bank of the river! It is placed there so that whenever we find ourselves caught up in the filthiness of the river, we can always reach up and grab hold to the rod."

I loved that! And know for a surety that it is true! Whenever we are lost and wandering, the word of God will always be "within reach" and will be there to help us get back on the path!
Sending so much love and sympathy to my Uncle Brandon and his family back home. I am sorry for your loss of Aunt Molli. I loved her and I knew that she loved me! I loved her smile and great personality! She will be missed.

Love to you all,
Love Elder Brian


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