January 13, 2020


Lexington, VA


Elder Martin

Kids make the world great!

Hey guys!
Not much going on this week here in Virginia. This week has been pretty chill and has not consisted of anything to wild or crazy. I hope all is well back home with you all.
Tuesday was a pretty fun day! That's what I like to call our balling day. We ball up with the young men and Elders Quorum in the evenings. My shot is getting better so that's good. It's cool though because a few less actives and non- members come each week play, so we are still doin’ the work! Wednesday we had the bishops store house. Generally, that's not the most fun day, but we do some major good service and we met a super cool convert. He bore his testimony of the spirit and how it is the way of conversion. Very spiritual guy.
This week we also met a lot of people on the Bishops Watch list. There are various types of people we meet from good loving members to the type who want nothing to do with us. Friday was cool because we had to teach in district council about effort and diligence. It was super good! Sunday was also a pretty good day. I was only able to partake of the Bread this week. We got a bunch of new deacons and not sure what they did to the water, but the cup didn’t reach us full!! Ooopps! It made me really appreciate the sacrament though. You don’t realize how important it is until you don’t partake of it…..or in my case half of it! This ward is pretty great! Lots of great members.
The best part of the week was on Sunday night when we had dinner at our ward mission leaders house. He smoked ribs and wings and they were BOMB! Of course, I had to talk about his Traeger grill and how I use to put them together all the time, back home. Well we finished dinner and decided to share with them the new Book of Mormon video about Enos. It's a great one! Enos is such a great example on how to repent and pray. He loves and cares for his brethren so much as well! We can learn alot from that small chapter. Well it ended and it was time to pray. His son Oliver, who is so cute and right around 2 years old, wanted to pray really bad. His dad of course had to help him and started telling him what to say. The little boy would then try and repeat what his father was saying.....
" And we are grateful for Enos"
" and were grateful for Penis"
Let's just say everyone was gone after that. Everyone cried and laughed for a solid 2 minutes straight. God bless little children! They make the world great! I know it’s gonna be hard to read or listen to that chapter now but it really is a good one.

Love you all!
Love Elder Brian


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