December 16, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

Light the World!

Hope you all had a fantastic week!
This week has been a great one! Time is sure flying. I just found out Saturday that I will be leaving Lexington this week. I have had a lot of mixed emotions about it all I guess. Lots of good people that I am going to miss. But change is always exciting!
We had our last exchange of the transfer. I was once again blessed to be with my good friend, Elder Meyers. We had so much fun. We went to a bunch of lessons and had a great time at a member’s home.
Wednesday was pretty good for the most part. We didn't have to do dishes this week so that cool.
Thursday was so great! For district council, since it was our last one, we did White Elephant gifts. They were HILARIOUS. It was such a good time. I love this district so much and all the elders in it. We make a good team in Lexington. Also, we met a funny old man who claims that Donald Trump is going destroy the world. I wouldn't know since I can't watch TV so I just nodded my head and gave him a Book of Mormon!! haha
Friday was cool because it rained and rained and then froze so everything was covered in ice all day. Very dangerous stuff to be out in, but cool to see. We also met a cool guy named Josh, that was interested in our message and that we will be able to teach. That day was interesting. I got coughed and sneezed all over during dinner and so that was gross!
Saturday was cool. Had two baptisms in our district that day. VERY SPIRITUAL! I loved it! Also we were invited to a violin recital from some member was not George Strait or anything but it was cool. We also showed up to the second baptism during the closing hymn...better late than never, I guess. We spread ourselves pretty thin that day!

My Thoughts have really been focused on the Light the World that the church is doing. I don’t how many of you have seen the new Christ Child video that the church has come out with recently. They put a whole new perspective on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and I love it. If you have seen the film, the you know that the wise men ended up arriving 2 years later when Christ was just a young boy. They traveled so far just to see Christ and witness and celebrate His birth. It made me really think and ponder on what I would do for Christ. What would you do for Christ? This is the perfect season or time to really reflect on our relationship with our Savior and loving Heavenly Father. Just as the Wisemen and the shepherds did, may we always turn towards matter how far or hard it may seem!
This is the reason for the season!

Love to you all,

Elder Hunter Brian


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