November 18, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

I am so over Dogs!!

Hey guys!
Not much going on here in the great state of Virginia! This week has been good though with alot of good things. We were still in a Trio for pretty much the whole week. It makes the work verrrry interesting when there are 3 of us walking around! But it is oh soo fun! Tuesday, was my Birthday and I turned the big 20! Thanks to all of my good family and friends for all the Birthday wishes and gifts. I had a really good day! We had to drive home from Roanoke that afternoon which was a long ride. We kind of played tourist along the way and stopped by some old places just to check things out. For dinner we were with some really cool members and then came home after to some birthday cake. That's always a good night if cake is involved!
The next couple of days were crazy. Wednesday we did a bunch of service. Fortunately for us, it was all inside. Oh yeah, I forget to mention that its FINALLY starting to cool down here in Virginia. We had a major cold front come through and it felt so dang good! So it makes the work inside not terrible. Thursday we had an interesting experience. We have been working on the Perspective Elders list and were looking for this man down an old dirt road. Anyways, we THOUGHT we found his house and knock on the door. Well come to find out it wasn't his house. Just the home of 3 big pitbull boxer mix dogs. I AM SO OVER DOGS!! No offense to anyone, but they are bad out here! The worst part about it was the only thing holding them back was this small lady and a door with the bottom half missing. But, all went well and we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon. Good stuff.
The rest of the weekend was cool. We did a Blitz in the sisters area and were able to find them this super awesome lady named Karen! Also met some other cool people named Boyce and Lucy this weekend as well. Goood stuff!

Once again thanks for all you guys do!!
Love you all so much!
Elder Hunter Brian


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