November 11, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

Elder Brian turns 20!!!

Hey hey hey!
How’s ever one doing? This week has been VERY different but in a good way. The best part about it was we didn't have to do any dishes at the community table so that's a blessing in of itself. During the beginning of the week we met some really cool people also! We met up with our man Joseph. He read some from the Book of Mormon and asked alot of good questions. We also met a man named Marshal. He is half Indian and taught us about all the dancing they do and how they worship God. It was cool that in return we go to show him the Book of Mormon and how it talks about the Anicent people in America. My favorite contact this week was defiantly the Black Family we went and talked to. They are originally Jehovah Witnesses and so it was cool to share with them our beliefs. They acted just as you would expect. Really loud and funny. We invited them to church and the mom, who is this HUGE black lady, yelled out
" When we show up its gonna get dark in there." The funny part about it was she kept saying how there is no black mormons and so when she said that I just busted up laughing. It was an awesome conversation and hopefully we will continue to teach them…fingers crossed!

The reason why this week was so weird or different was we were in a trio. One of the Elders in my district went AP so his comp was put with us for the week. We tried super hard all weekend to hide it from everyone that this Elder went Ap. I actually had to stay with the YSA Elders for a night. Elder Johnson went with the Zone leader on an exchange. Alot of bouncing around here in the Buena Vista Zone. The weekend kept us super busy as we had to cover both areas. We got fed double as well so that's always a blessing.
Spiritual Thought: This was from this weeks come follow me lesson...We all have to give up something in order to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ—whether that be bad habits, incorrect beliefs, unwholesome associations, or something else. For Gentiles, conversion often meant abandoning false gods. For the Hebrews (Jews), however, conversion proved to be, if not more difficult, a little more complicated. After all, their cherished beliefs and traditions were rooted in the worship of the true God and the teachings of His prophets, extending back thousands of years. Yet the Apostles taught that the law of Moses had been fulfilled in Jesus Christ and that a higher law was now the standard for believers.

Whatever it is that we must give up to fully be converted to the gospel, I hope that you have the faith to see the blessing there in.

Love you guys!
Thanks for all the love,

Elder H. Brian


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