November 4, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

Halloween in VA

Howdy howdy yall!
Hope everyone had a good week. Sorry I missed last week. Lots of busy stuff going on last pday. These last two weeks have been great here are some things that went down.

We had zone conference last week which was very cool. The Newman’s, our new mission president and his wife, did a wonderful job. The whole zone was taught more about how to use the Book of Mormon in our work. It is really cool to see the blessings when we do use it. They even stayed for our District Council which made me a little nervous, but it turned out good. It was definitely on point that day! I didn't want to mess up with the big dog in town!! Haha We had exchanges with the YSA Elders afterwards as well. We met alot of cool people. One guy, in particular, was a gentleman named Justin. He is very spiritual man who we were able to share our message with and explain why the Gospel makes us happy. We hope to meet with him again soon.

The next week was a very good week as well. We stayed busy as we continue to meet and try share our message with people daily. The best day of the week was Halloween for sure. We were asked to be in by 6. So we all of the missionary’s in our district met up together and celebrated Halloween. We had a great time! Come to find out though, Halloween was actually moved to the next day….so we were asked to come in early again. I was totally down to go trick or treating. I am sure we would have got a lot of compliments on our missionary costumes, plus we would get candy.
The bishop invited us over to go fish on that day as well because he knew we couldn't proselyte that evening. It was just a fun week all around.
Something I thought was funny was when we were knocking doors. I saw this 4-foot dog when the guy answered the door. IT WAS HUGE. I swear there were angels helping that man hold him back. Anyways, we were still talking about it at the next door when the man’s neighbor came out. He said quote" Yeah they have a big bad &*$# dog over there, but its beautiful ain't it?" And after that comment, we were able to teach him a lesson!! God is good!!
Have a great week! Thank you for all of the love, prayers and support!

Love Elder Brian


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