October 14, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

It's all about the POWER HOUR!

Hey y'all!
This week FLEW by so fast! I feel like it was just general conference yesterday. This week has been a good one though.

So, a new thing that our district has started doing is called POWER HOUR. Just as the name reads, we go out for an hour and hit the doors and streets hard for an hour. Our goal is that we do at least one of these power hours each day. Through the week we have been able to find, meet, and teach a lot of cool people. One of the coolest was a woman named Luz. (Weird name I know). She is a single mother with two kids. We just had the best conversation with her about the Gospel and the scriptures. I hope things really work with her and the gospel. Pray hard for Luz!!
This week I went on exchanges with an Elder named Elder Hyde. He is a really cool guy and we had a super fun time. Anyways, on our exchange we ran into a guy named Mark. You could tell he wanted to ruffle our feathers pretty bad by arguing about doctrine, but by some miracle, we have an invite back on the weekend now to talk scripture with him. Pray that we will have the answers to his questions about the BOM.
Another experience we had ended in the same way! This time though I felt as if we were approached by a wolf in sheeps clothing. Same thing, its power hour time and were out knocking. We walk up to this house where there is a whole family talking and having a great time. They are a super nice family and acted like they were members. Well we end up talking for a while and come to find out that he is a Pastor at the Presbyterian Church by Walmart. That's when he started going off......but once again we have another return appointment to talk scripture. It should be good.
The best part of the week was the Mountain Day Festival. We helped set it up at 7 in the morning then helped take it down. We got to meet alot of cool people doing the service and see a lot of cool stuff. I also got the best hotdog in the world….I mean as good as a hotdog can be!!

At church we talked a lot about the new changes that our Prophet announced at General conference. These changes come directly from God and I hope that we see this as a great opportunity to help our youth, as well as ourselves, grow and be strengthened in the Gospel.
Love you all,
Elder Brian

P.s. I got me a new Instapot….if you have any grand recipes (easy) send them my way!


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