October 7, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Johnson

General Conference for the win!

Hey friends and fam!

I hope all is well back home or wherever you read this week’s letter! Things are starting to cool down here in Virginia. Prayers have been answered! As I said in the previous week I picked up a new companion! My last few days with Elder Penny were good and a lot of memories were made. Wednesday and Tuesday were oddly similar with our planned activities! Elder Penny said his goodbyes to multiple people and started to pack, and I ended up cleaning most of the time. For one last hoorah our district got together both days and did a district Blitz on both of those days. We all go to one area and knock it out for an hour or two. The results are always good. We were able to meet a lot of cool people and get a lot of contacts for each other.
It was sad because on Wednesday night Elder Jackson and I knocked doors with each other for the last time! He went home this week, but we ended his mission on a good note. We went to Waffle House early Thursday morning before we all headed off to Charleston for transfers. I totally get it when people say "You don't eat at Waffle House because it's good, but for the experience." Thursday was SOMETHING ELSE. I was in a car for over 12 hours! Traffic was bad on the way home from Charleston. But it was good in the end. I always get too catch up with some of my friends and old companions

My new companion that I will be training is Elder Johnson from Flagstaff, Arizona! He is new and fresh and right out of the MTC. I am excited to work with him for the next few months. The weekend was awesome. Friday, we had a district council and it was a blast! I have such a great district! We are all eager to find the elect and teach repentance this transfer. It shall be good. One way we have been able to start finding is through Family History tracting. We simply just ask people if we can help them with their genealogy and family tree! It is amazing how people really want to learn about their ancestors and it is a really effective way to reach people.

Any week that we get to watch conference is a good week! This conference was filled with some spiritual bomb talks! I love to hear the changes the church continually makes as the gospel is reaching every point of the earth. We watched it in the Chapel with some pretty great families, and after each session some members had us over for some brunch. Really good stuff. The members treat us so well here in Lexington. One of my favorite quotes would definitely have to be from Brother Pace in the Saturday session. "The goal of this 2-hour church is not to make church 1 hour shorter, but rather 6 days longer." As we study the Come Follow Me and the new program for the youth this year that quote should be a reminder of our purpose. These changes in the church and the new curriculum are not made to make our lives easier. They are made to make us better!

I hope you all have a good week.

All my love,
Elder Brian


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