September 23, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Penney

Lessons in fishing

Hey, my friends and family!
Not too much happening this week down here in Virginia. We did so much service!! Tuesday was an eventful day with a lot of different things that went on. We first watched President Nelson give his address with the other missionaries. Very cool and spiritual. I love our Prophet! Later that night we volunteered at another church. Apparently, Tuesday was Constitution Day??? Anyways, they had a few members and people from the D.C area come and speak and teach us more about the Constitution. This was interesting and enlightening. Wednesday and Thursday were both packed with service. Wednesday we always help at a couple of food banks. Later that night we had a surprised birthday party for an elder in our district.
Thursday we teamed up with the sisters and went and did some lawn work for a lady. I got to drive the riding mower around. Unfortunately for me, it got a flat and she wasn't to happy about it. I almost tipped it a few times on a hill side. The lord sends his Angel's down to help his servants, even when they are acting like little idiots and doing dumb things on a lawn mower!! Haha!
Friday was cool. We had district council and a bunch of small errands and appointments we had to go to. I got some really good news, Zachariah from my last area was baptized that night as well. I was/am so happy for him. The gospel is true!
Saturday was a weird day. We had to do splits with the YSA elders to cover a few appointments. I did get to watch a half of the football game, which was cool but way too hot. We were then drug into a situation where we had to get a baptism ready for the other ward. No one had the key to the font or anything so it was a struggle and very stressful trying to get it ready…. but we managed to pull it off and acted like it was nothing! You can always count on the elders hahah!

For my spiritual thought, I want to talk about my experience at church. In Elders quorum we had a fantastic lesson about ministering. Brother Barney related it to fishing, so I sat right up and listened! Our job as ministers is to occasionally provide a fish to those we minister too, but our primary goal is simply to help them be able to fish on their own. I loved that! We can help and serve anyone who needs it, especially in the mission field, but with the gospel in our lives we learn to rely not only on God, but ourselves and our own family as well.
Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.
I hope that you all have a good week!
Love you all,
Elder Brian
P.S. No pics this week….I will do better next!!


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