August 26, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Penney

300 Members...What???

This week has been insane! It starts off early this week. I found out that I am going to Lexington ,Virginia replacing Elder Davis himself. At first I was a little upset to leave Bedford, but I understand that I am needed else where. The last couple days in Bedford were cool. We taught a cool inactive family and started to prepare them for baptism. The daughter is not a member and either is the father. It was cool. Brother Folwer came and fellowship with them which was super cool. I packed up and said goodbye to alot of people as well. Had to say goodbye to Andrea and Zach. That was pretty hard, but it was a spiritual moment during our last lesson with them! Going to miss alot of people, especially Elder Burchard. He was a super fun and good missionary.
Thursday came and I had to wait in Roanoke all day until the transfer train came back. I was able to hangout with Elder Peterson, one of my favourite missionaries. Was such a fun day! Later that night I hopped back on the train and headed to Lexington. I met my new companion Elder Penny. He is super dope. We use to be in a district in Morgan Town so there was alot to catch up on.This place is crazy!!!! It's like mini Provo. It's a cool place because I get there is alot of members and its very beautiful. Our first night there we got our food payed for. Same with the next day after that. It was cool. District council was legit. We have a pretty cool district. Elder Jackson, my comp from Morgan Town, is in it. I'm excited to work with all them this transfer.

One of the cool things we did this week was go to a festival. It was pretty cool. Lots of street booths and stuff. We actually bashed with one of them but in our defence he started it Haha. Met alot of cool members over the weekend. Our ward is HUGE. Over 300 people in the ward. I'm sure they will be splitting it soon. That's bigger then all the wards and branches on my mission combined! It was insane but super cool. I'm really excited to be here.

I hope every one has a good week

Love you guys!


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