August 20, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Buchard

Ups and downs of Mission Life

Hey everyone!
It has been quite the week for me out here in VA. Lots of ups and downs but that is part of the mission life!
This week started off normal up until about Tuesday night! We found out that President Lindhart was going through some medical problems. So, we as a mission, fasted on Wednesday, to help the mission and the Lindhart family. We had to do service in 100-degree weather that day. It was not the best thing in the world to be fasting, but it was for a really good cause. Fortunately, some members bought us a good steak dinner! My testimony of fasting grew a lot that day.
The next morning, we had an inactive member call and inform us that her daughter wants to be baptized and that she would like us to start teaching the family this week. Those phone calls are awesome to get!
The rest of the week was crazy! We had a dinner appointment on Thursday on the far end of our area. So, we just decided to go clear up to the Rocky Mount are and stay with those elders up there. That was also the night before District Council. We showed up and they were not home, so we parked the car down the street and went through their window. We decided to scare them when they got in and their reaction was PRICELESS! Hahah a lot of good times with those Elders.
Friday was great! District council was a little different because the sisters decided to throw Elder Harward a going away party. He goes home this week, so it was his last meeting. The zone leaders came up as well and joined in the party. We had a good meeting and then got to dive into some good Mexican Food! I love this district so much!
After we went on exchanges...and I was with Elder Peterson...from Las Vegas! It was such a good time! We taught this really cool lady who is really interested in our church.
Saturday and Sunday were normal ish.... I found out I'm leaving Bedford! I am very sad about that! I really love this branch and the people here in Bedford. Stake Conference was this past Sunday too and it was just broadcasted to us. The meeting was about Tolerance. When we love as Christ does, we tolerate people and their actions a lot more.. If we love them enough, we will offer them correction and do it in a loving way. We should also show them by example

I will let you all know where I'm going and my new address! Thanks for all the love and support!

Love Elder H. Brian


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