August 5, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Buchard

Zone Conference...the BEST!!

Hey hey hey!
It’s Elder Brian again! Another Month down and out. I hope everyone had a good week.
A lot of great things took place this week! One of my favorite days was on Wednesday. Wednesday, we had zone conference which was great!! The spirit was so strong. I also got to see a lot of my mission buddies were there. We had a combined zone conference which meant that I got to hang out with my best friend, Elder Davis. Also, one of my favorite companions Elder Jackson was there too. It was just a great day!!

The rest of the week was also great! District council was super dope. We all brought our thoughts and notes from zone conference and shared them hoping to strengthen our district. Saturday, we helped our good friends with their lawn again! I was able to do my specialty of weed whacking again Haha. Getting pretty good at it! Gonna have to ask the get-er-done man if he is hiring when I get home!

Sunday was a pretty cool day too...and that's saying a lot because fast Sunday can be rough sometimes. The combination of hungry and tired folks, and people telling you about their cats and health problems over the pulpit, can be a disaster!! But this one was super good! After church we went to some of my favorite members house and had a nice meal! They are big George Strait fans, so we hit it off good!
The rest of the week was good. Planted some trees and knocked on doors in a rainstorm, so we can't complain.

Spiritual Thought: The doctrine of reconciliation...President Lindhart taught us about it. He said far too many times missionaries will ask me to wave my magical wand and fix their companionship problems. Learn to reconcile and fix things with people. God gave us the ability to talk and love people. If something is wrong…..FIX IT!!

Elder Brian


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