July 29, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Buchard

Book of Mormon challenge

Hey yall!
Hope all is well back home...things in Bedford are great! I'm loving it here in a Virginia.

This week was just a normal week I would say! We did lots of walking and sweating for sure. But nothing a good Pepsi and shade can't take care of! We met a cool guy named Gary. He used to know the missionaries a while ago, but he became a Jehovah's Witness instead. But I heard he quit going so we will just have to see how this goes. I had a really embarrassing missionary moment this week, I was testifying about the Book of Mormon and prayer. I said " John, do you believe that God answers prayers?" He then told me
" Sorry but my name is Gary"
It was such a greenie move on my part …hahahah John was the member up the street we were going to see so I got them mixed up. The visit was still good though hahah.
District Council was good. We had a really good discussion on using multiple ways to find new people to teach. We have an awesome district.
Friday was cool also because we went to this Italian Restaurant with a member and the whole time we talked about his experiences in the military and stuff. All I have to say is that we are so very blessed to have men like him fighting for our country.
Saturday was also fun because we got to go with our less active friend Robby. He bought a new weed eater and let me use it. That thing could cut down a full size pine tree hahah! It was so awesome to do some physical work!!

Oh I almost forgot...we helped Andrea clean her apartment a little...she has been paranoid that bugs and molds are taking over. So we sat and looked for bugs with magnifying glasses ....was interesting…Not so much!! But her grandson, Zachariah is getting baptized soon and so we started a challenge with him to see who could finish the Book of Mormon first. To hear him talk about what he has learned and to see his progression in the gospel is powerful. He has such a great spirit about him. I encourage you all to take this challenge also and read the BOM. It is such a gift and will bless your lives.

Love yall,
Elder Brian
P.s we also got to go to the D-Day memorial this weekend with a returning missionary. He finished his mission a few weeks ago and brought his family back to tour West Virginia. It was so cool to see him and his family.


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