July 23, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Buchard

The Burning of the White Shirt!!

Well hello everyone!

Hope everything is doing great back home, I also hope everyone has been able to stay out of the heat this past week! We have been melting with the weather being in the high 90s. It makes the work just a little bit harder, but we love it!

This week has been good. The early part of the week we walked into town a lot due to our shortage on miles this month. When we walk, we have the opportunity to be seen more often which has blessed us alot! We met this really cool kid who pulled over and wanted to talk to us. I know his intentions at first weren't the best...but we were able to avoid contention and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was cool. Another cool thing was that we helped some of my fav members work on their camp trailer they are restoring. I always like to do service for a change of pace.
The biggest thing this week was my year mark and the party the sisters and elders threw for me during district council great! They brought us Mt. Dew and everything. Plus, mama Tash sent some pizza! It was a good day for sure and I can’t believe I have been out here for a year. I of course burned the white shirt! All the “1 year” festivities! We also had exchanges this weekend! I went with Elder Olsen. It was a good day.

The weekend was good as well! We had Andrea at church! She is amazing and so close to baptism. Keep her in your prayers! Church was super good! They talked about pioneer day which gave me a more loving respect for them. The speakers went way over on the time though so we didn’t even have a closing hymn. I didn't even know that was possible.

Spiritual Thought: Our whole Sunday lesson was on Acts 10 this week. I love this chapter because it shows us two important things....1- Revelation continues after Christ through called men of God. 2- God is no respecter of people. The gospel is shared to everyone who will expect Christ. He loves us all.
Have a good week!

Love Elder Brian


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