July 1, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Ardeama

Colonel Sanders in Bedford, VA

Howdy! How was everyone's week? Hope you all had a great one! Time here in Bedford is just flying and I am enjoying every minute of it.

This week was very chill you could say for missionary work. We ran out of miles on our car so there was LOTS of walking. I think we pulled an 18 miler one of these days. It's all good I burn alot of calories! Some of the cool things we had going this week were...
We were able to go help sister Adam's again with her garden, which was super fun. We went to dinner with an older couple named the Nicole's. I like Brother Nicole's alot! Really nice and humble man, plus he looks just like Colonel Sanders from KFC. Haha

Later this week we had District council. Since we were so low on miles we had to walk to the local library and call in. Still was super good though. On Friday we also had two crazy experiences! We went to go get doughnuts at this local gas station(they were all out). While were looking around we ever heard this lady say she lived in Ogden, Ut. The crazy part was she lived really close to Elder Aardema. She was such a cool lady. The next crazy part of our day was when we were walking back into town later that day. We always take this old back road that runs along the train tracks and by this big factory. Any who... while we were walking by a semi truck came driving up. We saw the trucker calling us over so we did and when we got over there the first thing he said was " Are you guys witnesses?" We told him we are Latter-Day saints and he just started laughing. He told us he was doing the same thing we were doing about 50 years ago in Houston. The crazy part was he used to live by Elder Aardema as well in California. He now lives in Cedar City, Ut and actually knows where Lyman is too. It was the coolest thing! He had to drive away because another truck was waiting behind him, so we just started back on our way. We didn't get but about a few hundred yards when we turn around and see him driving back! He honked at us and waves us back over. He told us he found $40 at the airport and that he would love to buy us some dinner. The best piece of advice he told us was to write in our journals. Lucky enough I have been pretty good at it.
The rest of the week was pretty normal. We helped a family move and pack up for Wyoming. Oh we also had to speak in church. I think it went well. We spoke on missionary work and ministering. Got a lot of compliments from the branch so that was nice.

Spiritual Thought: This week for 5th Sunday we had a discussion about family history work. We watched a really cool video with all the apostles. They promised so many specific blessings we can receive if we participate in it. A really funny part of it was right in the middle of the lesson an older member in our ward named Brother Briscoe stood up and pointed at me. He said very loudly, sorry to interrupt but I just looked at my family history app and it shows that I'm related to Elder Brian! It was so funny because everyone got on and had to check to see who they were all related too. Love this branch

Have a good week!
Sure love you all!
Love Elder Brian


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