June 24, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Ardeama

Roanoke adventures!

Hey hey hey!
Hope ya’ll had a good week! Congrats to all of those new Elder’s who are starting to leave on their missions! It is a great time and an even greater opportunity to serve the Lord.
The big thing that happened this week was zone conference and zone leader exchanges. Zone conference was good. Funny story on the way there we had to stop and clean the car. As I was doing it I couldn’t help but remember my Grandpa Harry always getting after me about how dirty my truck was. My companion owned a detail shop so he taught me how to clean a vehicle haha. Gramps will be impressed with my car washing skills now!!
President Lindhart dropped fire as usual...I just love that guy. The purpose for zone conference this time was to increase our teaching performance and to invite the spirit more when we teach. It is allways good to see friends from the mission too.

Our zone leader exchange was really fun. I was blessed enough to go to Roanoke for the day with Elder Weber. He is from Cheyenne, Wyoming and is a great guy. It was such a great day. One of the lessons we taught was unique because it was a family who only spoke Spanish... so we had to call for some help! Some Spanish help! I could not believe how spiritual it was, even when I didn’t understand the language. Church was good because we had our two investigators come to church. Things are looking up for us. We are praying that Zacharia and his grandmother Andria will be baptized soon. After church we had a linger longer and I must say the food was alot better then eating Hot Pockets. haha

Spiritual Thought: My favorite thing that was said at zone conference was some of Sister Lindharts comments. She told us the importance of serving with a good attitude. Attitude is everything and I believe that. Another comment she made was that we are called to serve, not suffer. Enjoy the work and feel the blessings. Stay positive always!
Have a great week!!
Love to you all,
Elder Brian 
p.s. got a new selfie stick!! My pics are going to be better now!


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