June 17, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Ardeama

Service, service and more service!!

Howdy yall! Hope everyone is doing great! Bedford has treated me well, Virginia is such a nice and beautiful place

This week was alot differnt then any other week in my mission. LOTS and lots of service. We helped alot of our members out this week from yard work to simply just helping them unload their van. Robby Baily is a less active member we have been working with to get him involved with the church again. We helped him cut up his trees and clean his yard. Was super fun! The best part about it was he bought us a little portable grill from Walmart. Ever since then I've been a grilling fool! I almost forgot...early that morning we went out to the car ready to leave and we found out we ran out of gas. Fortunately enough we have an older couple from our branch that lives down the road. He is so funny and slow. I dont think he realized we were in a hurry, but we couldn't complain! Haha Brother Bible is a GEM!!

We also helped another member in her garden beds. We were able to till the ground and weed eat. We soaked ourselves in bug juice so that we wouldn't have to worry about ticks! Was so fun though. Friday was one of the better days! We had district council and it was alright...but the best part was the sisters in our district bought us ice cream and some Chinese food. BLESS THEM! We also had some homemade pizza that sister Black made us. Was so good! Her husband isnt a member so we had a good time with them. We have two investigators that are so close to baptism. Zachariah and Andreia. They are so cool! We went over the last few points of the lessons with them and the baptismal questions. So excited for them!

This isnt really much of a spiritual thought but I just wanted to show some appreciation for all the fathers out there. I personally have been blessed with BEST of the best, Wonderful role models, and great examples of how worthy Priesthood holders should live! Love my dad, grandpas, and uncles too!

Love Elder Brian


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