June 10, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Ardeama

75th D-Day Memorial Service

Hey Everyone!
Wow what a week full of adventures and good times! This week sure went by quick! I hope you all had a wonderful week as well.
The week started off pretty normal. We volunteer at a food pantry on Monday and Tuesday mornings. We help a bunch of nice old lady’s pack groceries and helping the community. The missionaries have helped them for years, so they treat us very well. Plus, we get free fried chicken….bonus! We have a member in our branch named brother Hoges. He is really cool and we were able to go with him and visit less actives around town. Really fun and cool experience! Another cool thing was on Wednesday night. One of our top investigators named Andriea (I hope that is how you spell it) had a stroke this week. We were able to go visit her and help her around the house. She is a very spiritual lady. She has a grandson named Zachariah who is about to get baptized as well. Just need to set up more appointments and work out their schedule.
Thursday was the best day of the week by far. We had the unique experience to attend the 75th annual D-Day memorial service right here in Bedford with a special guest who came and spoke. Mike Pence the Vice President of the USA! It was the coolest thing ever. They flew old planes over and told about their history and importance in the war. It made me really appreciate the men who fought and died in WWII a lot more after that! The coolest part was while we were walking down off the hill to leave...the presidential entourage drove right by us. They had to send a cop to come stand by us while he drove by. Super cool! I got fried by the sun, but it was totally worth it!
The weekend was pretty normal with district council and church. Saturday though was fun. Had the same members as last Saturday feed us at taco bell again. They then took us to their home and we helped them clean their home, sort movies, and put together a bunch of shelves and a wagon. They are a great couple and so very good to the Elders!

Spiritual Thought: I heard something I thought was so good and I wanted to share a talk the first counselor gave in sacrament this week. The whole point of his talk was how things may happen in our life and we feel that we may never recover or bounce back from certain events in our life. He shared an awesome experience that he had when he was playing baseball in his youth. Long story...after making a huge mistake, he came back to win the whole game for the team. Years later his friends on the team only remembered how he won the game for them and completely forgot about his mistake. That is how Christ is as well...he will help us move and pass through difficult times. He forgets about our mistakes and loves us unconditionally. Through him anything is possible. The Atonement is such an incredible gift to us all.
Have a great week!
Sure love you all and thank you for your support!
Love Elder Brian


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