June 3, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Ardeama

Virginia is Beautiful

Hey hey hey!!!

Hope ya’ll had a great week...mine has been crazy with new adventures and lots of laughs! First things first…that is that I have been moved down south to Bedford, Virginia. My new comp is Elder Ardeama and he is super cool. He is from Weber County and he knows a lot about cars so I hope I can learn a lot from him. He has a collection of over 700 Hot Wheels. He leaves to go home next transfer. He is a great missionary.
Saying goodbye to Cowen was pretty hard. I met so many great people there that I really learned to love. ...but it is so nice to have more than 4 members attend church too! The drive from Cowen to Charleston clear down to Bedford took all day! I was able to hang out with my district one more time before we all split. We had such a fun time! We bought these 12- foot bamboo poles and fished with them! Such a good time. I will definitely miss them.
We have this really cool family in our branch called the Kidds. Siister Kidds use to buy and sell houses, so they have two really neat houses that they live in! One used to be an old plantation that they are trying to add on to and restore and it is pretty sweet. We helped them build a fence for their yard and I got too look at all of Brother Kidds cool guns.
Sunday was a great day too! We have 50-60 people in the branch that actually attend! Wahoo!! That meant I only had to pass the Sacrament, rather than pray, speak, do the music, teach, pass and pray again!! Later that night we helped one of our investigator’s friends move a bunch of furniture. President Edwards helped us with his truck. He is a really cool guy! Anyways, I am excited to be here in Virginia. It is so beautiful and hopefully by next week I will have some new investigators to share with you all.

Sorry this one is short! Not a lot of time today! Hope you all had a good week,
Love Elder B


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