May 13, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

The Feds

Howdy howdy!
I just want to start out by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of you back home! We love and appreciate all the things you guys do. I love my mom, grandmothers, and all my aunts too!

This week was pretty normal... the beginning of the week was interesting. The weather is super hot and humid so it makes tracting rough in the afternoons. That's all we did early this week. We talked to a super cool less active who gives us referrals. Another less active we talked to invited to come fish at his private pond. So that was nothing short of fantastic! We taught two of our people this week named John and Brenda. They are cool people, we just need to get them to church. The weekend was alright...but lots of rain. We had a really good district council and we are trying to work with our members and get them involved. It can be difficult at times but we want them to see the blessings of missionary work as well. Church was super good too. We had like a testimony meeting where we could get up and talk about our moms and stuff. Of course, I did and cried like a baby, but it was good Haha. Just love my mom, I guess.

Funny story: So I found out the reason why our neighbors run away and hide from us when they see us coming. They thought we were the feds or some sort of secret agents. Hahah so we talked to them and told them we were missionaries and invited them to church. They are a little nicer now!

Spiritual Thought: This week we met up with a less active named Trenton. We asked him about his conversion story and his experience with the missionaries. The spirit was so strong as he talked and testified of the Gospel. It was so cool to see him fall in love with the Gospel again and see the many blessing we can enjoy when the spirit is present.

Have a Good week!
Love to you all,
Elder Brian


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