May 6, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

Special Guest in the WV

Howdy ya’ll!
Another week down! I hope you have had a blessed week.

This week was interesting for sure! We started off by having a cool lesson Monday night then later that night we ended up going to give a blessing to a member. Really cool! The next day was a pretty laid back day... we were walking back from another lesson when this lady called us over. No teeth or shoes and comes over and tells us how much she admires us.... she yelled at her daughter because apparently she told us never to come back? Told her daughter... "Georgiana, do you know how Jesus taught?? He walked the roads just like these young men! Not in some church!" She said that 10 TIMES Haha and her husband was there too making funny side comments and telling us about his truck driving days. Then they later started confessing their whole life of sin to us haha. We see it all!!
We were able to meet a really cool lady this week named Brenda. She felt the spirit so strong. She told us she has never felt like this before in her whole life. Good stuff! The rest of the week was pretty normal up until Saturday night. Elder Rendlund from the Quorum of the twelve, came and spoke to us. It was so COOOOL. Very spiritual experience. He shook all of our hands and my companions hand twice!
Sunday was a good day as well. We have had a 100% on the last 3 fast Sundays, meaning everyone shared their testimony. After church, we had a memorial service for a member who died. We had to play the piano for it and help them get set up. After we were in charge to return the funeral homes TV to them. So awkward because no one was there so we had to call them... probably thought we were needing a body pickup or a funeral service, but instead… just giving back their TV.

Spiritual thought: Elder Rendlund compared missionary work to a menu. He said "nobody has to do everything, but if you're willing you can do something." Loved that! Missionary work is not a five course dinner where you have to do something big to do it. Start off with something small and simple and work your way up.
Anywho… love you all!
Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Brian


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