April 29, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

Freight Day

Hey guys!
I am so glad it is p-day and that we are blessed to be able to write and visit with family. I hope everyone had a great week as well!
This week we have seen so many blessings, it is crazy! Tuesday was a very interesting day... we had to help grandma move some furniture over in a town called Summersville. While we were there, we decided to pick up some milk at Walmart before we headed for home. Right when we walked in, we meet these two ladies. One of them had fallen off of an 80- foot cliff I guess...anywho they both wanted the other one to receive a blessing. We got their address and went to their home after we got our milk. The two older ladies use to be members but were not anymore? The one who fell off the cliff kept asking to take the devil out of them.... yikes. Haha. We ended up giving all 3 of them a blessing. That same night we decided to go tracting. We went to a place where we have tried in the past but could not find a parking spot. Well we finally just parked off in the sticks and started walking. 4 houses in, we see a woman outside with a kid. We started talking and come to find that she is member. Right before leaving she asked if she could have a blessing as well. I saw her crying and she told us how she prayed that morning that God would do something to get her back to church....I guess we were and answer to her prayers….so cool!
The rest of the week was pretty normal! We talked to an old man for a while that loves to bash. He watches all the different churches on TV all day, so he is pretty smart. Thursday, we helped the Flatwood Elders unload a whole semi-truck full of boxes! It felt just like freight day back at Brian Farm!
We went and tried that lady who told us about how long she fed her kids. No answer, so we decided to tract. Well the first house a very nice lady let us in. She shared a lot of cool and spiritual stories and were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon. She really loves her bible but agreed to try it out! So, pray for her!
Spiritual Thought: I have pondered a lot on the event that took place Tuesday evening. We had something totally different planned that morning. Yet we remembered grandma needed some help. We also planned to tract in Summersville for the whole night but felt like we needed to go home. Us showing up at the lady’s house was no coincidence. It is amazing to see how God uses us as instruments in his work. Whether it be to give a blessing to a struggling member or to find the elect God knows and has a plan for all of his children!

Love you all,
Have a good week!
Love Elder Brian


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