April 8, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

Sell your ox!! Fill the mire!!

Howdy yall!
I hope everyone had a great week! Ours has been really good and I just can't believe it’s already Monday.

Our week started off great! We decided we needed to really focus on finding this week so we hit the streets pretty hard, or in our case we hit the holler roads pretty hard and it turned out great. Doing so, we met some really nice people and were able to find some that we could teach.
The next day was just about the same! We had the cool opportunity to go eat and visit our branch president’s family. They have been gone because their eldest son has been battling cancer. We were able to eat some good food, give a blessing, and fellowship with some great people. The Priesthood is so powerful and it's very important to stay worthy enough to hold it! You never know when you will be called upon to use it!
The weekend of course was just wonderful! We had an exchange with our zone leaders Thursday and Friday. I was blessed to be with Elder Hamilton from Tabiona, Utah. We had such a great time as we were able to talk to a lot of people and introduce new finding ideas to our district. It was a long drive though...he asked me:
" Do you think anything good can come out of Tabiona....?" haha
My answer, " I guess we better wait to see until after this exchange."
And yes, I know there are good things and good people that come out of Tabiona! Hahah…a fun time.
General Conference weekend was great. It is always good to hear from the church authorities as they speak to us! The programs in between sessions are always powerful too! Bringing the spirit to others from conference is so powerful. Me and my companion watched conference at our church house. Much different than conferences at home!!

Funny story: So I brought a Pepsi with me to the church and our good friend Darrel Hall showed up! After talking for a while he asks if there is any water in the fridge. While he is looking, he notices the Pepsi and cracks it open while asking if he can have it.....all I could say was anything for you brother! Maybe we will have to start giving out some Mt. Dew with The Books of Mormon so that people will read it.

One quote that I absolutely loved in general conference, Elder Holland’s words ... it’s okay if the ox is in the mire occasionally on Sundays...but if the ox is in the mire every Sunday you need to either sale the ox or fill the mire!
Folks…. sell your ox or fill up the mire that is keeping you from the blessings of attending church!

Love you all,
Elder Hunter Brian


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