March 25, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams


Howdy Yall!

It has been a pretty good week! Lots of cool things and some funny stories so buckle in for this email haha! Nah hah it was a pretty normal week...
So we started off working in Cowen and met a cool lady named Rose. She accepted a Book of Mormon and we are excited to find out what she thinks.
Wednesday was an interesting day! We were in the great town of Richwood all day long. It was good for the last part... unfortunately we had to quit teaching a lot of people there because they were not progressing. But it gives us more time to find the elect! We were on the way home from Richwood when things got interesting! We tried to take a more scenic route that Elder Low and I had taken before! Right before getting on the road Elder William's looked at me and says, “ I'm gonna get lost!” And of course, we did...we ended up taking a road that was abandoned down a holler... ya not the best idea! The vehicle is fine and runs as good as Ford possibly can. But we have this device that reports back to the mission home about our driving! I was marked down for 3 aggressive driving warnings from all the potholes I hit. Not the best day but one for the books hahaha.
Wednesday is when we discovered the damage from the previous night! Another blown tire! We had to go get it replaced with the other back tire. It took hours because all the paper work that we had. While sitting there waiting I was able to look at a hunting magazine for a bit... that's when this older gentleman came and sat down by me. I asked him if he is into hunting much... he stands up and sits right next to me and leans over to me. He then started to tell me that he is not into hunting anymore because all the ticks he got from his deer. This man then proceeded to lift up his pant leg and showed me all of his tick bites. I could not help but think of Brad Paisley's song...Ticks! But this was not the case nor the idea I had in mind. He said " Oh yeah! Big ol’ yeller things about this big!" I was in tears as we left the tire shop from laughing so much... no return appointment from the guy but a lasting friendship, I guess.

For more of a spiritual side of things....the weekend ended well! We had knocked on the door of an older lady who was very nice, but not interested. She said there is no point of continuing down this road. These people are all pastors and would not be interested in your church. Sure enough we did keep tracting down the road and the results were great! We met a really cool lady named Danielle, who is very interested in learning more. The rest of the week was great! Elder William's gave a great talk this week in church. I could tell he was nervous because he grabbed the wrong suit coat that morning before we left, still looked great and gave a wonderful talk.

For a spiritual thought I would like to point out something Danielle said... she replied to one of our comments saying "Wow that's pretty cool, I must of missed that in the Bible when I read it."
That's it! Right there! It's not all in the Bible! Thanks to modern revelation and the Book of Mormon, we have more of what Jesus Christ wants us to learn and know. Isn't the restored Gospel great?

Love you all!

Elder Hunter Brian


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