March 18, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

***8 months*** Time Fly's

Hello folks!
Another week done and gone...first things first, I want to congratulate everyone getting and waiting for mission calls back home... if you are lucky enough you will get sent out with your best friend. Haha Speaking of best friends, I was lucky enough to see Elder Davis and all my past companions this week... so it was a great week.

I was able to hang out with my district this week too so that's always fun. We stayed in Flatwoods so that we didn’t have to wake up super early. We all marinated some steak and had a nice dinner for the night. We had a member of the Seventy come and speak to us at zone conference. Elder Haynie taught us a lot at the meeting and it was a very spiritual experience.
The rest of the week was pretty normal. We just went out and spread the Gospel in our area. We found a cool guy named John we started teaching and my goodness… talk about dogs!!! He has them chained up so they can almost reach us at the door! Scary! When we went back to see him again, they were all loose. So we just gave him a call and said it wouldn’t work out meeting with him until we figure out the dog situation. It ended well though and we had a great lesson with him! DOGS!!

We had a really good Sunday. Lots of meals and food, plus we had more than 6 members there so that was great! I love this branch and the members. It is a very fun place to serve.

Spiritual Thought: Elder Haynei said that If we could get nonmember friends to come to church, that there is 1/4 to 1/3 better chance of them accepting the Gospel and getting baptized. Our chapels and our churches are very spiritual places. I challenge all of you to invite a nonmember friend to attend church with you! Good things will happen! I love this Gospel and the happiness that it brings.

Love You all
Elder Brian

P.s. it's my click day today! 1/3 way to being done! Time fly’s!


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