March 11, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

Training a new comp!!

Howdy friends and family,
It's been such a great week here in the town of Cowen. The weather changes about every couple of days so we get hit with all four seasons out here every week! We have a to pack a coat and some extra deodorant because you never know what the temperature is gonna do. I love it!

This week I lost Elder Low... what a great guy. He went to Masontown. He will do great things. I was called to be a trainer this week and train my new companion, Elder William's. And yes, I already let my buddy, Elder Cooper Williams know about the new Elder Williams! Haha. He is from Emery County, over in Cleveland, Utah, so he knows about the small-town life. We have a lot of the same interests and hobbies. We will get along just fine.

We got Elder Low ready to leave early on in the week. We got him packed and then drove to Flatwoods. We were able to be together one last time as a district and that was great. Always a great time for sure. Thursday, we drove into Charleston and I picked up Elder William's. We got him knocking on doors right when we got to Cowen. The first door he took we were able to teach him and pick him up. The rest of the weekend was great for teaching and finding. Were able to get back in contact with some investigators and teach them and commit them to read. It was a really cool experience.

Sunday was just as bad as last week with numbers. 5 members, 1 high counselor, and 2 missionaries. We were told Elder Williams was going to have to speak. They started going through the announcements and they said I was speaking. I went along with it and had to pull something out real quick. I guess that's what personal studies are for Haha. It was all good and I spoke for 15 minutes and then turned it over to the high counselor.
Over all, it was a pretty good week! Especially because we had no problems with dogs. However, we got some new neighbors and they seem to be great people... except we can smell the weed coming through the vents and stuff. So, we can only stay in our bathroom for a few minutes before you start getting a good whiff of it. I guess we know what lesson we will be teaching them first!!

Spiritual Thought..... I have been reading the end of 1 Nephi and they are great! They talk a lot about the gathering of Israel. Something all of us can be part of and which is taking place on both sides of the veil. It's real and its important so let's help the Lord out and invite a friend to come unto Christ.

Have a great week. Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support.

Love to you all,
Elder Hunter Brian


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