March 4, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Low

6 count church!

Hello friends and fam.....
P-day already! Feels like Christmas day some weeks. This week was just great though. We started off in Richwood on Tuesday. We were able to meet some cool people. We ran into an old preacher, and he agrees that enduring to the end is needed to be saved and then he went on to say that he fell into the same problems King David had....Richwood men hahah. We had exchanges this week in Cowen. I went with Elder Griffith, he is from Preston, Idaho. I had an awesome day with him, and we talked to a few cool people. Exchanges are always a blast, especially when we go into a new area. We met a new guy named Derick. He believes in multiple gods and the stars...? I was confused but just let him know what I know, and it all worked out. We ran into another guy who said we would meet God soon if we didn't get the blankety blank out of here! I took that as a sign he wasn't interested!! What a punk! We laughed!
The rest of the week was pretty much all the same... we did lots and lots of walking hahah. Trying to get in shape. Gotta work off all that mountain dew from this winter and get the walking legs ready for the hot summer ahead of us!
One highlight from this week… I was able to Skype into a baptism in my old area. I taught a guy named Adam Smith up in Morgantown and he was baptized last Friday. Really cool experience and I felt fortunate to be able to witness that. Crazy how strong the spirit was even Skyping in. The weather has been crazy here. It just snowed this morning. Sunday was an interesting day as well. We found out that Elder Low is leaving, and we only had 6 other people show up to church! That is hard to hold a meeting a fast and testimony meeting with only 6 people! Needless to say it was short and sweet. And we ran out of gas but luckily made it to our house and got some Haha. Over all a good week, I'd say!

Spiritual Thought: This week in the New Come Follow Me it talked alot about prayer and how we should address our father in heaven. Jesus gives us a great example on how to do that. I pose the question... what experiences have you had with prayer? And how has it strengthened your relationship with God? I testify that prayer is real and that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

Love you all have a good week

Elder Hunts Brian


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