February 25, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Low

On the right road??

Hey hey hey... its Elder Brian again!
Another week out and another week finished, and man did it just fly by! Not sure if it was because of the wind that came through or what but P-day came quick this week.
This week we were fortunate to find 6-7 really cool people to teach. They were spread all over our area so we did lots of driving this week. We ran into a cool guy named Dylan who shares a lot of beliefs we have so we had a really great discussion with him. Later that day we ran Darell. He is the one who looks like Moses and loves deep doctrine. It is always a good time to go over there and ask him questions and pick his brain. Haha.
We had a good district council this week too. Flatwoods Elders came down and it was a good time! We went to Richwood and had a really good day of finding new peeps to teach. We finally taught the Dad of that same family we street contacted a few weeks ago and invited him to read. I am crossing my fingers and praying hard for this guy! It should be good, he is a really cool guy.

Friday we finally got enough miles to go back down to Gauley Bridge and search for the referral we have been looking for. It was such a long drive but we finally got down there and could not find his house. So we asked some random guy and he gave us a general idea of the area he lived. We got to the apartment and knocked on his neighbors door looking for him. I thought we had knocked at the North Pole…the guy looked just like Santa Clause! Anyways, he helped us locate Justin in a town north of where we were. We finally found him though and it ended up good.
The weekend was good...lots of walking and talking! Haha but I love it. Saturday, my companion, Elder Low, ripped his pants a mile or 2 away from the car! And to top his bad day off, he got the stomach flu and was pretty uncomfortable for the day! We had to go back and get him situated around. The poor guy had a rough one!
I had to speak in church on Sunday and that’s always good. I always learn a lot when I have to prepare a talk. My talk went well but the kid that I was supposed speak with didn't prepare...Go figure!!

Spiritual Thought: Once again, I took a pic of another sign. (visual presentations are always the best) it says " Will the Road you're on get you to my place? - God" simple enough I'd say! Is it? If not, change and get on the right road. Life is so enjoyable when you are the right one!!

Also good luck to all the ball teams back home this week! Go ahead and take state! I hope everyone travels safe and that you all play good ball. GO BADGERS!

love you all!!

Love Elder Brian

P.S...the only dog attacks this week was a mean looking mutt that starts sniffing me and Elder Low, and then tried to pee on me instead...the dogs are coming at us with a different strategy now but nothing will stop the Lord’s work! I did have a dog the size of a rat bite me too but it's all good.


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