February 18, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Low

Phone Calls home....what??

Howdy friends and family....
What a great day it has been! 7 months out today! Yeeeyyeee!!! It really has gone by fast! This week was good one... but we found out that the old lady we go hangout with on Monday nights and played cards with died.... God bless her and her family! I sure loved her!

The rest of the week was fine, but lots of tracting since most of our lessons fell through. It's all good though we have a good and entertaining time meeting new people, except when they are owner of dogs. My comp is starting to get shy of them so I now I have to be the "brave" one, and let’s face it, I am not brave when it comes to BIG dogs!!

We went on exchanges to Flatwoods and I love to shake it up and go with a different companion. We always have a very good time. I went with Elder Stephenson, he is a great guy. We did lots of service and tracting but it was good to see and do something new. I also met the famous member of ward. He is the father of Gordon Ramsey off of the show Hell’s Kitchen. He is the one that swears terribly! But according to his dad, he doesn’t really act like that in real life! He is a really cool guy and we heard that he cooks really great stuff for the Elder’s. but instead of cooking us a homemade meal....he bought us gas station pizza! Haha…very nice of him though and it was good pizza!

The rest of the week we just went and tracted. We helped the mission grandma paint her house on Friday. Sunday was good. Elder Low spoke and did great... he also "plays" (tries) the piano every week. We had a lot of people at church and the piano decided to turn off In the middle of the hymn... so funny! But we all just kept going!

This change was pretty cool now that missionaries can talk to their family. It was good for the soul to see my family all working together at Brian Farm today. I fully sustain any prophet who let's me speak to my Mama more haha!

Spiritual thought: I would like you to look at the sign I took a picture of (I find some of the funniest signs back here!) says, “Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil.... there’s no point!! Amen to that! Involve our Heavenly Father in every aspect of your life and your life will be better!

Have a great week! Thanks for all of the love and support!
Elder Brian


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