February 4, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Low

The Souper Bowl

Hey hey hey.... another week down in Cowen and my first full week wasn’t too bad at all. We started off really really cold. Tuesday and Wednesday were freezing! We went up to a place called Webster Springs. Brrrr! We walked around that little town trying find some new people and no one wanted to open the door because it was so cold. We did get invited into a home with an old pastor named Billy. He was kind enough to let us in and talk, but eventually told us by the end of the conversation we will be going to hell... but in a very nice way haaha. We will be going back! Some members named the Hamricks fed us that night. They own over 200 something guns. I was in heaven...(; they are a good family. That same day we met Derril. He is an ex member who is so smart! For an hour straight we talked to him about the gospel and he talks some deep doctrine. He looks just like Moses and is so funny. I guess more like Uncle Si off of Duck Dynasty. Good times!!

Thursday, we had the Flatwoods elders meet us for district council. It was super good! The spirit was strong and we got to know each other a little better. We were over loaded on miles so we were able to go down and see the Gauley Bridge. It was really a great little place. On the way home we got lost though and it wasn’t so great!

We went to another part of the area named Richwood. We tracted there for a bit and found some cool people and taught a lady name Rebecca. Bless her heart.... she wouldn't quit talking hahah. We also met a lady who used to live by the missionaries a few years ago. She cracked me open an ice-cold Pepsi and we had a great little visit. Now we got another mission mom. We found a few more people to teach that day too. It is all looking good!

Sunday topped it off...we came early to get the church ready and everything. We bless the sacrament and play the piano every week. It was a good meeting. Lots of strong testimonies born. Then Sunday school came and to our surprise we found out we had to teach! Yikes Haha. Old people and technology are not a good pair... same with the new Come Follow Me theme because it seems like no one in our ward reads or studies it. But it is all good and we made it through it!
Scary moment of the week…. Elder Low knocked on a door and we heard growling.... all of a sudden, a six-foot-tall pitbull (standing on 2 feet) jumps up on the door and knocks it down!! Holy Crap!! We soon found out he had 2 more of his buddies inside! I couldn't decide between throwing up or crying so I just prayed instead... walking past that house was like that scene in the Sandlot movie, when the dog barks and the whole fence shakes! Instead of a fence, it was a house shaking! Scary stuff!
That same day Grandma ( the mission grandma) invited us to her SOUPER Bowl party at her church... yup soup... no game….just soup!! Lots of old people gather together and ate soup and stuff all night instead of watching the actual game Haha. I won’t lie, I was kind of bugged, but on a positive note… those old gals sure know how to cook Haha.

Spiritual Thought: I loved this week in the new Come Follow Me lesson how it taught us a lot about John the Baptist preparing the way for the Lord. Now I pose the question…. how are we doing as we prepare for the Lord? Are we living our lives in a way where we would feel comfortable enough to have the Savior dwell amongst us? If not, CHANGE!!! Ponder that this week! Just as John called people to repent and be baptized, we too can look towards the Savior and repent and be better.
Have a great week!

Love Ya’ll
Elder Brian


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