January 28, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Low

Dogs and Dust!!

Howdy friends and fam.... well the good Lord sent me out to Cowen, WV this week. Of course, I had to say some goodbyes and do a few things in Cheat Lake before I could head out! I got to go and say good bye to a few folks. I played Paul in pool one last time too. Man, that guy is so good. I will miss him and Cheat Lake for sure. So many wonderful people there and lots of good memories!

Cowen is the second biggest area in the mission. It covers two counties and they are filled with small towns all over the hills. I was called to be district leader here, so that should be all sorts of fun. My new comp is Elder Low. He is from up in the Logan area. He just got done training, so I'll be “greenie breaking” him. Thursday was interesting. I was able to hang out with Elder Davis again Wednesday night. Major Wendy's Trip!!! Love that kid so much. I had to travel down and hangout with my district in Flatwoods with Elder Davis's old comp. Super fun. I finally met my new comp that day and was able to settle in. The next day we went tracting.

There are SO MANY dogs out here! That is just great! I guess we will find out who the slow comp is but I got a feeling it will be me again. We had a cool lesson with a lady named Debra and her Husband Donald. On the way there we had to walk up in the hills. I fell down like 3 times because my shoes have no traction. It was all good though! So, things here are a little different. My new branch is very small. We only had 18 people come on Sunday.... and apparently that's a good week! Yikes! We do almost everything, speak, prayers, bless the sacrament, you name it, the elders do it! So fun Haha.
There is a Tutors Biscuit World in our town that we hit up quite a bit. It is super good. Since our area is so big, we have to drive a lot now so that is good. It is cold here!

There is an old lady that lives by us and she has been friends with the missionaries for ages. We are supposed to call her grandma! She calls us by our first name and both of our names are Hunter, so it gets interesting. She makes us cookies and stuff too. She is a hoot. My Grandma Dawna will get a kick out of this….she said the reason why she doesn’t dust is because God created man from the dust of the earth... so she doesn’t want to sweep away a man, for Pete’s sake!

Cowen is very small, but it is going to be fun. It's supposed to get really cold this week too so we will see how that goes. I'm excited to serve here for the next little while and I am anxious to find new people to teach and share the Gospel with. I know Heavenly Father has sent me here for a reason! Hopefully by next week I will have few good stories!

Anyways have a good week
love y'all and thank each of you for your prayers!
Elder Hunter Brian


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