January 14, 2019




Elder Jackson

January is COLD!!

Howdy howdy.... things are great here in Cheat Lake, West Virginia. Our week started off really normal and good. We had plenty of service opportunities and lessons that we taught. We had a member take us out to IHOP and I had to put down the Mega Monster Burger. Soooo good. And after that we got drenched in rain. The weather has been crazy. I started out as such a good day.
We were with the other elders and we tried to work their area. It was a fun time for sure. I was with Elder Burchard. He is a young dude from Arizona. That same night I saw someone I know very well. Joni Taylor, one of my best buds, Britton’s mom, came bringing us dinner. She knows me pretty well…pizza, Rees’s, chicken nuggets and Mt. Dew!! It was really cool and good for the soul.
The next day was crazy!!!
We woke up early for zone conference which was great!! It was very spiritual and an awesome day... I was able to see a lot of missionaries I know. Elder Davis, Elder Neilsen (Mtc Comp) and ol’ Elder Pickett, my trainer and first companion. He was really good for me, actually! Unfortunately, on the way there we blew a tire right by our house, so we had to park the van at the gas station and fix it later that night. It was not too bad because we had the other Elders there with us. Until we were heading home that night and we got reared ended... and spilled our drinks everywhere. We were fine but the trunk isn't Haha. We had to go to taco bell and send off an accident report. It was really funny because President Lindhart lectured us on driving safe. Then right after that, his former AP (assistant to president)gets in an accident! I am just glad I didn’t have to make that call. I have had to make a few calls home to my dad like that…not fun!! haha

The rest of the weekend was great. We went out and taught the gospel and spread the good word. We got snowed on pretty good and the people weren't too interested in listening to us. But when you have a good comp and attitude, it's always fun.

Spiritual Thought: We really focused on the Book of Mormon at Zone Conference. President Lindhart said something really cool. He said that whatever we study for that day, will be used or needed to share with someone you are teaching or that you talk to. So, study hard, you never know who will need to hear it!
This truly is the Lords work and he is guiding us and using us to gather his people.
Have a great week!
Love to you all,
Elder Brian


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