January 7, 2019




Elder Jackson

Still the king of ping pong!!

Hey hey hey...
Another week come and done folks! It was a longer week but we still had some great things to be excited about. New years was cool. Little different this year but was still fun. New years day our ward mission leader invited us to his house. We were able to go fishing, play some ping pong ( I am still the king of the table….McCoy and Bridger!!) and play some board games too. It was a fun time for sure. I still got it Haha. I was lucky enough to go on exchanges with Elder Willis the next day. He is a really good guy. He is from Rich County and knows Weston and Sara Taylor’s family. He used to be AP( preident’s assistant). He is a really good missionary. We taught some good lessons and I took him out to the famous ice cream place that I love so much.
We had some really cool lessons this week. We ended up dropping lots of people as well. There is an older lady named Virginia that we had to drop. That one was a hard one for me because she has been like a grandma to us. Friday was cool.. we had another good district meeting. Right after we got to help an old lady named Evon move apartments. The other elders are going to start teaching her. We were supposed to go on exchanges but ran out of time. They came over and we made cinnamon rolls. I'm really starting to get good at cooking and baking Haha.

Saturday was good too! We went with the University Elders because they had a referral in our area. My comp and I went knocking and found a woman named Tasha. Hahaha I told her straight up that she had a good name! We were able to teach Paul the new member lessons. He is such a good guy. We had an awesome lesson with a girl named Tonia. She has read the whole Book of Mormon almost and says that when she reads it that it brings peace into her home. Her kids are calm and the gospel has brought true happiness into her home.

Two hour church… how about dat?? It was weird for us because we start at 9 now and we use to start at 1. So it was weird but it's all good. I hope you guys enjoy this new program.
Spiritual Thought: The Come Follow Me is very cool. I love how it is about the New Testament and follows Jesus Christ and his life. Through it I hope we can recognize how to be more like the Savior and strive to be more Christlike.

Funny moment: In second hour of church we sat in front of Brother Lamb in our ward, who fell asleep. He is a bigger guy and started snoring super loud. I was bustin up! He sounded nothing like a lamb, more like a lion. A nice member had to come and wake him up! I'm sure the spirit spoke to him through his dreams.

Thanks for all of your love!
Love y'all
Elder Brian


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