December 24, 2018




Elder Jackson

It is Christmas in the WV!!

Howdy everyone and Merry Christmas from West Virginia!

This week has been a very spiritual and uplifting one, for sure, as we have been inching closer to Christmas! A lot of cool things happening here in Morgantown. We decided this week that we would try and find more people to teach and share our Christmas message with. Lately we have been driving out in the boonies where missionaries haven’t been, to find new people. We find ourselves having a lot of success when we bounce out of the big city a couple miles and teach right on the border! It’s cool that we get to work in Pennsylvania.

A lot of rain! It is not a white Christmas at all Haha. Every time we go out we get soaked from head to toe! but people always seem to be a little nicer when we are wet and cold. We were able to find 3 cool people this week and teach them a lesson. Along the way we have met some super nice people. A man named Mark (who I believe was drunk) wanted to walk with us and talk about Jesus. We talked to an older couple named Grace and Ralph. He is 94 years old and started every sentence saying “I started when I was young, real real young!" He was talking about his singing and church ministry. After we shook his hand, he wouldn't let me go and kept telling me stories while Elder Jackson walked outside and left me. Ralph said right after to read my bible every day and God will bless me with courage to there is your spiritual thought for the week! Just read the bible folks! Oh boy! I am just glad that Ralph had teeth! Not sure if they were real…but at least he had some!

Our ward and the surrounding wards all joined together this week for church and had a Christmas program. My oh my was that something cool! Very spiritual as we sang and listened to music and our bishops speak. Really good time for sure. It was later followed by a fantastic dinner at a Members home where they fed us an awesome Christmas dinner.

Another highlight of the week was the baptism of William Lukenbaugh. He is only 9 years old and is part of a less active family. Luckily both him and his sister made the decision to enter the waters of baptism on Friday. We have been teaching them for a month now and it was a really cool experience to see and be a part of. It is fun to see the result of our teaching and the reason why we are here serving!

Spiritual Thought: As the year comes to an end, I would encourage you all to go and watch the clips the church has put out and truly recognize and feel the true meaning of Christmas.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I will talk to ya next week and I'll be seeing some of ya soon(; Can’t wait!

Love to you all,

Elder Brian

P.s I had my first store bought pepperoni role right before the baptism... yeet yeet


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