December 17, 2018




Elder Jackson

Christmas is coming!!

Hey y'all
I am so glad that it is Monday and a new transfer as well. This week has sure been an interesting one. Being in a tri-ship isn't the easiest but it makes it a lot more fun. Debates are settled quicker and planning is sure a lot easier with 3 brains! With 3 people we cannot tract really, so we just relied on lessons and the people we have already been teaching and know. We found out quickly that most peeps are busy for the holidays and don’t follow through with appointments. It is all good!!

We got a completely new district other than 3 of us. The Morgantown sisters were tripled out and the same with the YSA Elders. Now we have two sets of elders in Morgantown and they are both training. Our district council was great though. We set some goals for the transfer and are excited to go to work.

It was fun to be in both areas for the week and help them out, but it is always nice to come back and get to work in your own area. We had our Christmas Party this week and it was great. We always get sent home with the leftovers and full stomachs. It feels kind of weird back here because instead of snowing, it is just raining and really foggy. It is just soggy enough to ruin our pamphlets and stuff.

The absolute greatest thing was that I finally got to be with Elder Davis. His new comp hung out with Elder Jackson and I for the day, while he waited for Parker to arrive. I was so excited to be able to hang out with him for a bit, get a great big Mt. Dew and kick back and visit! That was the best pop I have ever had…..seriously!! It was really nice seeing someone I know for a change, and even better that it was my best bud!!

Spiritual thought: 2 Nephi 31... as I'm sure most of you know this chapter teaches us the Gospel of Jesus Christ in just a couple of pages. As we have been teaching people and getting them prepared for baptism, it has been cool to share with them these chapters and testify to them why baptism is so important.

I am so grateful to everyone that has thought about me this holiday! Thank you for the messages, cards and many gifts from everyone. I really appreciate it.

Love y'all have a good week

Elder Hunts Brian


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