December 3, 2018




Elder Jackson

Baby it's cold outside!

Why hello everyone back home... this week has been a wild ride for sure especially with the weather! We go from freezing cold nights with ice on the roads to 60 degree weather after church. I have to leave all my coats in the car in case the weather changes on us while we are tracting. We actually got stuck on a hill for almost an hour because none of the cars could get up the hill. We were right by our house too. Luckily God answers prayers and a guy showed up with some salt and we got home.

This week was fun though and we have taught a lot this week. We were finished with teaching an appointment with a cool guy named Eric Blass when we saw a very over- weight, large and in-charge, old lady on the road carrying a bunch of stuff. So we helped her out. It took us 30 minutes to get her to the door because she was so out of shape! No teeth of course either but it was fun talking to her anyways. Haha And the whole time she kept asking us for money and a ride. Pretty entertaining! We actually saw her the next day by our service place but we couldn't help her this time because we were super late. Bless her heart! The service place we volunteer at actually fed us a good homemade meal for helping them out so that was really nice of them.

We had zone conference this week, which is always a good time. I get to see a lot of missionaries and get to hear from out president. He is such a good guy and we had fun this time because we celebrated Christmas. They passed around gifts and we truly felt the holiday spirit.
Today in Walmart some guy came up to us and asked us if we are Mormons and what not. He said he wanted us to pray with him and for him that his house would be watched over and that he could quit chewing and stuff. So that's what we did right….. in the middle of Walmart. (We have a clean-up on aisle 9 but give the Morman Missionary’s time to finish their prayer!!) Haha I just love West Virginians...

Spiritual thought: The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was super good… don't ya think? I really felt the spirit as our beloved prophet spoke and while the music was playing. I hope we can truly light the world this year and remember our Lord and Savior more this holiday season. I just love it. #LIGHTTHEWORLD

Have a great week everyone love you all so much.
Elder Brian


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