November 19, 2018




Elder Pickett

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Howdy howdy... Another fantastic week here in Morgantown, West Virginia.

We had a lot of exchanges again this week. We went with university Elders on Wednesday through Thursday. I had the opportunity to be with Elder Jensen again. We are pretty tight and work together! I got to ride the PRT’s in downtown Morgantown. They are like little trains. It was like riding a roller coaster... until we broke down and had to wait for repair guy to come fix it. But it was a very cool! That same night we went and had dinner with Kiera, Nate and Major! He is so cute. That was super cool talking to people I actually know.

We were able to find 3 more people this week to add to our teaching pool. It is really cool being able to meet new people and see them grow in the gospel. So last week we met a new guy named West. Well we came back and started to teach his neighbor who is named Virginia. We didn't even realize that they were teaching West Virginia. So that was cool Haha.

I also went on exchanges with the South Park Elders this week. I went with Elder Penny and worked with him. It was a pretty interesting time. We also had interviews with President Lindhart this week as well. He is such a good guy, I just love him. He gets the small town boy that I am! I even got to visit with Sister Lindhart as well and she is such a nice lady.

Church was good this week. We had our boy Alvin attended today. We had to drive out and meet him but I was glad to have him there. We had the other guy that was baptized a few weeks ago, Paul, meet him and sit by him and it worked out great!

It also snowed out here! The first morning was weird because we drive a van and I had to scrape the windshield and we aren't able to drift either. It’s a lot different than the my little truck…..The Blur!

We also met our first RLDS people. It was so weird because they had a testimony of the Book of Mormon sooooo.... what were we supposed to teach? We are going to go back and show them general conference and let them know that TRUE prophets like Russell M. Nelson are the kind of prophets they need to follow.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT: Mosiah Chapter 24:12- And Alma and his people did not raise their voices to the Lord their God, but did pour out their hearts to him; and he did know the thoughts of their hearts.

Continue to keep the Lord in our hearts and he will bless you always.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for all of the love and support!

Love you all,
Elder Brian


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