November 12, 2018




Elder Pickett

Great week!

Hey hey hey.... as I always say, it was another fantastic week here in WV! Elder Jackson and I have been killing it! Gosh I feel good about things! This week we were able to go out and try to get in touch with a lot of the less- actives. We found 4 new people to teach. We worked a little bit over on the Pennsylvania side of the mission and found another guy over there named West. Then on another day we found two more people named Danielle and Dave on the other side of our area. But it has been very good.
Our goal this week was to meet up with all of our investigators and get them scheduled to meet with us. All of our meetings were really good.
This week we had ward conference and everyone seemed to be on the edge since the stake president was there. I totally understand how they felt. I felt that way every day back home at the dinner table with the stake president! (just kidding dad!) Haha.
We went on exchanges with university Elders and I went with Elder West again. He is really good guy. We had a really good District Council. I was assigned to talk about a gospel topic and I chose Gardening. It was awesome! I even got the Anderson's (senior couple) in on it. They were impressed. I guess working in the greenhouse with my mom wasn’t so bad after all!! Haha I did learn something! This week we went to my ward mission leader’s house and the GPS took us the "short" way. Just imagine... an old country road after a rainstorm with me driving in a van. Only bottomed out a couple of times but the sunset was amazing. Good times had by all!

Spiritual Thought: Towards the end of Alma 32 it talks about planting and nourishing a seed. Our testimonies are similar to a garden. It must be nourished and taken care of in order for it to grow and last. More importantly, it must be planted first. If you don’t have a testimony of something, read about it and pray.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and nice gifts sent. I appreciate you all thinking about me as well. I have had a great birthday. God bless.

Love Elder Brian

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