October 29, 2018




Elder Pickett

Good signs....bad signs

Howdy howdy...
Another week down on the books and it was a really good one here in West Virginia. Monday was great. After our P-day we were able to take one of our investigators named Travis through the church and give him a tour. He is a super smart kid and we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation
in the chapel.
We went on exchanges this week with the university elders. I went with Elder West. He is getting trained also and just came in last transfer so it was a day for the greenies. I took him down the holler road with all the dogs. It was so funny! We were able to meet up with our boys Joe and Alvin.
We watched the Restoration video with them and that was good. We also met a really old dude named John Weber. He doesn't believe in God but he is a really funny, nice, old man. In the middle of the lesson he stopped us and asked us how we feel about the Amish people. So funny! Before leaving, he gave me a cheap orange flashlight as a gift. What more could an elder ask for!! The last 3 days we helped Bishop White move out of his house and into the new. A lot of sore backs! We did lots of tracting in the rain this weekend. But it was good Haha. The ward Halloween party was this weekend as well.
I was disappointed I couldn't dress up but it's probably for the better.
We found out this week that Elder Pickett is leaving and I'll be staying in Cheat Lake. I will be getting a new comp this week and will be officially done with training…..I am so stoked.
After that news, Elder Pickett asked me to cut his hair! It looks great!! (wink, wink) Haha.

Funny story for the week: Back over in Mount Morris, PA on the main road, we were walking while a bunch of cars were driving by when I heard a dog barking! It freaked me out and I slipped on into the mud. Book of Mormon and everything! What a muddy mess!

Spiritual thought: Matthew 23:23 I read this scripture and think of the saying good, better, best. There are things that are more important than others in the church. We must have faith and love before anything else comes into play.

Happy Halloween to all you this week!
Thanks for all of the love and support!

Love all you guys.
Elder Brian


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