October 22, 2018




Elder Pickett

Who let the dogs out??

Hey hey hey!
Another good week! It started over back in Mount Morris, PA. It is like any typical town in PA., A broekn down ghost town. Everyone goes to the same two churches on different sides of town. We found a couple of new people and taught our favorite investigators Joe and Alvin. It is always enertaining because is all they do is fight. After teaching them we got a call from President Lindhardt him self. We met up with him and he bought Elder Pickett and I a steak dinner. We did our interviews after as well. I really love that guy.

Wednesday was something else! We had lunch with a bunch of old ladies In our ward at IHOP. They are into family history and talked about it for the whole hour and a half. They asked us what level we are in Family History. It was so funny. They take that stuff VERY serious! One lady said, now she is gonna try to "LEVEL ME UP" !! Later that day it turned out awful. We traveled down a holler road and got chased by 5 different dogs, including a pitbull. We then ended up in a small town where there were more dogs! One positive....I am getting to be a faster runner and a better aim on rock throwing!! Haha I truly saw the Lord’s hand in my life.
We went on exchanges this week with some other elders. I went with a kid named Elder Sorensen. He's like 5 feet tall with ginger hair. Just imagine him and I walking the streets of Morgan town. He is chill. We doubled in there area and tried to help them. I broke my back on their couch that night and jeez I feel like an old man. Plus they had no food so it was really a long exchange. We left them that morning and ran off to Mount Morris again and saw all of our people. We got drenched and lightning was flashing everywhere . Yikes.
Sunday was a great day. It was the Primary program. For some reason the kids could never stand up on the same cracked me up! little rookies! But they did sound good and no one made out with the micro phone. Very spiritual Haha. We later worked around and had dinner with some members. Really good day.

Spiritual Thought: 1 Nephi 3:7... the Lord will provide a way to obey his commandments. I often see this while I am working and serving as a missionary. I'm not sure why the pitbull did not come on the road to chew us up, but I truly believe that God hand is in everything we do whether it big or small!

Love all you guys.. 3 months down 21 more to go!!

Elder Brian


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