October 15, 2018




Elder Pickett

Bad gas & brotherly love!

This week has been a pretty good week! Pretty normal with not a lot going on. However, we have been teaching more than usual this week! We actually taught the girl who works at the Circle K gas station right by our house. So that was cool. Tuesday we were supposed to eat at a member’s home but the man of the house was extremely late because his van got stuck in the mud. So we had to eat outside for dinner with his wife and two kids. Luckily this was before it got really cold. We taught a lot of lessons this week and we discussed General Conference. We asked them to watch/read it.. We got a call from a crazy lady that lives by our sister missionary’s. Elder Pickett is the district leader so we had to make a lot of phone calls. She was trying to get the sisters involved in a court case against the landlord. Weird stuff going on! After we went on through our day and went to a member’s house to eat. Elder Pickett got super sick and had bad gas (BAD GAS!) and had to leave! We had to go home but right when we did we got called to help a member move. He always asks us to help him and his wife so weren't surprised. We had to hang up a door for them and had to chisel out a hole so it would lock. West Virginians man! Gotta love them!
Friday- Saturday we had exchanges with our Zone leaders. It was fun and different for sure. We worked in place called Mount Morris in PA. It was really good but had to leave to go help move a member. The church should really start a moving business! After we were driving to go eat and we took the wrong turn and got on the freeway where it took us back to Mount Morris. We felt bad because we were using up the miles, but decided to make the best of it so we decided to tract. We randomly parked and the first door we knocked let us in. We taught the restoration to two older brothers. One lost a leg and his name was Alvin. It was so funny because they would swear at each other and call each other names like brothers do. It reminded me of home! We left them both with Book of Mormon’s to read and we are planning on teaching them the Plan this week!
Saturday we tried all of our potentials and investigators and gave one of our investigators a blessing. We picked up some new people also. Sunday was a very busy day. We have to go early and print off papers and attend ward council. I always see Major and sometimes even Nate and Kiera. I had to speak also which was good but the institute spoke with us as well!

Spiritual thought: Elder Gays talk this past week really stuck out!
To take upon Christ’s name upon us we must have faith, serve like he served, and look at everyone as children of God. Yes, we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...and we need to do these things like the Savior would!

Love y'all and thank you for your love and prayers!
Love Elder Brian
Not a lot of pictures this week


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