October 8, 2018




Elder Pickett

Snoring during General Conference

Howdy howdy...

It has been another grreeeaaatt week! How great it is to be a full time representative of the Lord. How was General Conference for y'all? 2 hour church sounds great to me! It is just another great push to strengthen family relationships in the home through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Families are truly ordained of God. It is great to listen to conference while being a missionary. It was a lot easier to stay awake and focused for sure. We planned to watch it with a less active guy on Saturday morning but that fell through at the last minute so we went and watched it with a family in our ward.
The same thing happened with the later afternoon. We watched it with some members and had some really good burgers.

Sunday morning we watched it at a less active family’s house. Later that day we were teaching one of our investigators named Travis and asked him to watch it with us. He agreed but right when it began to start his laptop crashed so we had to go to another less actives house. It was really good but the man of the house fell asleep and snored during the whole thing. You gotta love that!

We had zone conference also this week. It was really great to see other missionaries and hear from our mission president, President Lindhardt. I also went on exchanges again this week with Elder Jensen again. He is now training so I'm not the new guy anymore! We ended up teaching a drunk guy named Frank. We are trying to help him quit smoking too but I'm not sure if he remembers us!

My favorite talk from conference was Elder Stevenson’s. Being a shepherd myself, I took his talk very personal Haha. I love my job as a missionary, trying to find those lost sheep and bringing them back to the flock. I love that no matter how lost or far away we get from the flock, that there will always be a sheep dog and a shepherd helping us come back home. Our Heavenly Father wants us to return home to him!

Lots of love from WV this week!

Love Elder Brian!


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