October 1, 2018



Elder Pickett


Howdy howdy...
Just another week of tracting and spreading the good word! It's been a slow week with the work but it flew by for sure.
Not a lot happening this week. We put one of our investigators on date. Her name is Teresa. She is a very nice lady but not really anxious about it all. But I pray that she will work out and continue to want to learn. We found a new investigator named Janis. She is also a very nice lady. I guess we will see how she works out as well. This week we walked a lot though. We tracted and knocked on a lot of doors this week. Our total was almost 50 miles! Most of the people are nice…except for one dude. He tried to bash about the book of Mormon thinking it's only 200 years old. Another guy got after us about John Brown? I think he met Joseph Smith... But why argue with the guy if he doesn't even know his name??? haha. That's why it's important that we ponder and pray about things in a sincere way so that we are not misinformed.
We have so much rain this week. Thursday we got soaked and had to walk 13 miles around this nice community. Classic line is " not interested but you go get dry" ! Really?? The least THEY could do is let us dry off in their home... Gotta love it! Though the work is hard I do enjoy it a lot! Being on the Lord’s errand is fun, even when it’s a bad day because the spirit always brings joy.
To end the week though we ended up at my favorite member’s house. Brother Amrine! He is the super smart guy who loves space and studies mites. He is the one who eats poison ivy so I had to get a picture. He is the funniest old dude. He just makes me laugh!!
Spiritual Thought: Ether chapter 2:3 Brother of Jared... ask and god will provide a way so his work can be done. But in times we will have work for what we need. It is then that faith is needed to accomplish the work, after we see the blessings and miracles.
I hope you all have a great week!
Thanks for all of your love!
Elder Brian


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