September 25, 2018



Elder Pickett

Right smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt!

Hey ya'll,
It has been another good week in the great state of West Virginia! For all of you wondering about the hurricane, it never really came! It missed us! I was really disappointed! It was a little cloudy but only rained for an afternoon and ended up to be one of the hottest days of my mission. My body must be adapting well because I don't sweat nearly as much as I use too!
We have been able to teach a little more this week, but have ran into a lot of alcohol and drunk people around, especially after the game. We taught this girl named Sue and her brother, Mark. We have been teaching Mark for a while. Anyways while we were there she slowly started to slip haha. She went from some really good insight on the gospel, to talking about brother bear and re carnation. Yikes haha. Another man we talked to was jamming out to Elvis when we showed up but did listen to our message. He agreed to every thing we taught. After out discussion, we asked him, ""what does the message mean to you?" ( hoping he would want to learn more) instead he said he just wanted to drink more beer. We are gonna give him time to sober up then go back!
A lot of our time was spent in Pennsylvania this week. There are a lot of small towns and it seems that in every corner there was an old Pepsi machine. It is fun but not too many people care to listen to us. The probs of being a missionary! We went to the ward hay ride this week. Lots of tracting and making lots of phone calls. Hope you guys are all looking forward to general conference. I've been trying to listen to the past conference talks. I look forward to it!

I've learned this week that with sincere prayer and fasting, God will bless you according to your willingness and faith. We must be ready to act on any answer we receive. God will bless us if we turn to him and show him our love for the Gospel.
I hope you all have a great week.
Thanks your love and prayers,
Elder Brian
P.S. I saw Kiera and Nate again this week. That is always so cool! It made me miss Britton for some reason. Weird. Haha... but I'm sure he is doing fine!


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